Ancient city of Athens

Do you want to take a look into the past? Yes?! So come to visit Athens, one of the most cultural and the oldest cities in the world. Athens is also the capital of Greece.

As you must know this is a city with a rich history and even now it preserves the monuments for the visitors to see how the buildings were before.

Athens was a powerful city and for that reason you will hear many stories of ancient times. If you come to Athens you can visit many monuments like the Parthenon, Porch of the Caryatides, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Philopapps monument and the Odeon of herodes Atticus.

On Athens you have a lot to see and enjoy like all the different architectural styles from the greco-roman, neo-classical to modern style. Here you can visit the National Archaeological Museum one of the most internationally important museum and you can see all kind of artefacts such as vases, jewellery, sculpture, weapons and religious objects from roman period.

You can also see the Benaki Museum, The Byzantine and Christian Museum, The Numismatic Museum that has a collection of Greek coins, standarts weights, metals and precious stones from ancient Greek, The Museum of Cycladic Art, the New Acropolis Museum, the War Museum that has colletions of Greek Army with material of the history of Greece until nowadays. You may also want to visit the Epigraphical Museum that have collections of Greek inscriptions where the displays will show you how ancient people lived, it will give you a deeper sense of understanding about their civilization and the evolution of art since the ancient times to modern times.

To have a nice vacation why not to choose one of the many Athens hotels to combine the educational visits with a pleasant stay. You can choose one of the many types of Athens accommodation located in the best place you want.

So you can visit various museums and then go to the Athens hotel to have a rest and later at night you can enjoy the variety of great events. If you are lucky enough to visit Athens in May or in October, you will see extraordinary annual Athens Festival.

As you can see Athens has a great variety of attractions that will sweep you off your feet, thus you better choose a good Athens hotel to stay because you will need to have a rest! So what are you waiting for?

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