Discover the city of Stockholm

Fan of Abba? Dreaming of blond hair? You might be aspiring to discover the Nordic charm of Stockholm!

Stockholm, the capital of the Monarchy of Sweden, is split into 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. That is enough to imagine how unique is the northern part of Stockholm, and how incomparable is the blend of fresh air, sea and nature in the heart of the city. Stockholm is the jewel of Scandinavia.

Book your hotel in Stockholm right now! The city is waiting for you to discover its architectural as well as natural treasures. Stockholm owns two sites rated as World Heritage in UNESCO, the Royal Palace Drottningholm and the Woodland Cemetery Skogskyrkogarden. The Old Town, called Gamla Stan, is worth seeing it. Wonderful buildings such as the German Chuch (Tiska Kirkan), Riddarholmen Church or Storkyrkan Cathedral and palaces like the Riddarhuset, the Bonde Palace, the Tessin Palace or Oxenstirna Palace, delights your eyes. Looking for more modern architecture? Sergels torg is made for you.

But if architecture is not really your cup or tea, Stockholm is also full of cultural events and museums, so you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for. Fond of Navy? The Vasa Museum will fulfil all your dreams. Passionate about Art? The Modern Museum and The National Museum of Fine Art will plainly content you. Excited about history? Museums such as The City Museum of Stockholm, the Museum of National Antiquities, the National Museum of Cultural History or the Skansen open-air Museum are there to meet your expectations. If you are more interested in sciences, The Swedish Museum of Natural History or the Museum of Technology will answer to any questions you may ask yourself.

To complete your remarkable Stockholm trip, you can go to the Royal Swedish Opera or the Royal Dramatic Theatre, enjoy the Casino or go shopping in Soder district! Stockholm night-life is also waiting for you, just choose between bars and clubs. If you have children, the marvellous universe of Astrid Lindgren’s Junibacken (Pippi Longstocking) will witthout any doubt entertain them.

Any Stockholm hotel will fit the high-standard Swedish way of living, but do not worry, there are also Stockholm hotel deals. As you could have understood, Sweden is much more than you thought. Surely, you will bring some unforgettable memories from there!

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